Prepare your Protocol or Review

*This page is designed for authors who have already registered their Cochrane Title and are in the process of working on their Protocol or Review*

When developing and writing the Protocol or Review, refer to:

  1. The Plain Language Summary reporting standards - using the format presented in this document will assist you in developing a coherent plain language summary
  2. The signalling questions provided in the first version of your Protocol (in Review Manager) and ensure to answer these
  3. Specific chapters in the Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions (also available for free under the Help menu --> Handbook --> Intervention Reviews in Review Manager)
  4. The pre-submission checklist for Protocols or Reviews - this ensures that your manuscript incorporates all of the mandatory conduct and reporting features
  5. Cochrane online training website - it includes materials for authors who cannot travel to attend a workshop or need a refresher
  6. Cochrane-specific workshops - ranging from introductory training through to analysis and review completion programs

Limited statistical advice to authors is available via the Editorial Base. Statistical support will largely be used to provide referee input to Protocols and Reviews, and authors are encouraged to have statistical expertise within their author group.