Editorial team

Editorial Base
Joint Co-ordinating Editors:  Nicholas Wilcken (MBBS, PhD, FRACP) & Annabel Goodwin (MBBS, MPH, FRACP)
Managing Editor: Melina Willson (PhD)
Joint Trials Search Co-ordinators: Ava Grace Tan-Koay (MPH, MAIT) & Slavica Berber (PhD)

Editorial Executive Committee
The Executive Committee consists of our Statistical Editor, Dianne O'Connell (B Math (Hons), PhD), and the Editorial Base. The Committee is responsible for 'signing-off' manuscripts for publication, and directing the development of, and regular review of policies and procedures with the staff of the Editorial Base.

Editorial Board
1. Dr Amy Alderman (Surgical Editor), Alpharetta, USA
2. Dr Jessica Barrett (Statistical Editor), Cambridge, UK
3. Professor Mahesh (Max) Bulsara (Statistical Editor), Fremantle, Australia
4. Professor Mike Clarke (Methodology Editor), Belfast, UK
5. Dr Gian Luca Di Tana (Associate Statistical Editor), London, UK
6. Dr Cecilia Fabrizio (Consumer Editor), Hong Kong
7. Professor Patricia Ganz (Clinical Editor), Los Angeles, USA
8. Dr Alessandra Gennari (Clinical Editor), Genoa, Italy
9. Professor Davina Ghersi (Methodology Editor), Sydney, Australia
10. Dr Annabel Goodwin (Joint Co-ordinating Editor), Sydney, Australia
11. Professor I. Craig Henderson (Clinical Editor), San Francisco, USA
12. Dr Brigid Hickey (Clinical Editor and Feedback Editor), Brisbane, Australia
13. Dr Katrin Jensen (Statistical Editor), Heidelberg, Germany
14. Dr Sarah Norris (Methods and Guideline Developer Editor), Sydney, Australia
15. Professor Dianne O'Connell (Statistical Editor), Sydney, Australia
16. Associate Professor Gedge Rosson (Surgical Editor), Baltimore, USA
17. Professor Christobel Saunders (Surgical Editor), Perth, Western Australia
18. Dr Kirsty Stuart (Radiation Oncologist), Sydney, Australia
19. Professor John Simes (Clinical & Methodology Editor), Sydney, Australia.
20. Sandy Walsh (Consumer Editor), California, USA
21. Associate Professor Nicholas Wilcken (Joint Co-ordinating Editor), Sydney, Australia