Prioritising breast cancer topics

In one form or another, we all seem to innately prioritise tasks based on resources (i.e. time, finances, etc.). One of Cochrane’s goals is to prioritise review topics based on a formal prioritisation process, with the aim being that the most relevant and useful reviews are available to its readers. This year, the Cochrane Breast Cancer Group plans to prioritise the breast cancer review topics that will be developed or updated in the Cochrane Library. The Group will achieve this goal by asking individuals, medical colleges or societies, advocacy groups and other key breast cancer organisations to contribute to the development of a priority list of Cochrane breast cancer reviews.

If you would like to know the details about why we are doing this, what has been done so far and how we intend to receive feedback from the breast cancer community, please refer to our prioritisation plan found here.

If you have any queries about our plan, please contact us at

[Cover image: foliage of the Yew tree. Taxanes, a class of chemotherapy drugs, were originally derived from the Yew tree]