Lymphoedema in the spotlight: two new Reviews

Two Cochrane Reviews were recently published: one Review examining ways to prevent clinically-detectable lymphoedema and the second Review testing the effectiveness of manual lymphatic drainage in treating lymphoedema. Below are links to both of this publications:

Interventions for preventing lymphoedema
Who wrote the Review? Martijn M Stuiver, Marieke R ten Tusscher, Carla S Agasi-Idenburg, Cees Lucas, Neil K Aaronson and Patrick MM Bossuyt
Review title: Conservative interventions for preventing clinically detectable upper-limb lymphoedema in patients who are at risk of developing lymphoedema after breast cancer therapy
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Manual lymphatic drainage for treating lymphoedema
Who wrote the Review? Jeanette Ezzo, Eric Manheimer, Margaret L McNeely, Doris M Howell, Robert Weiss, Karin I Johansson, Ting Bao, Linda Bily, Catherine M Tuppo, Anne F Williams and Didem Karadibak.
Review title: Manual lymphatic drainage for lymphedema following breast cancer treatment
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