Thank you to our peer-reviewers and editors

Each protocol, review and updated review published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews has undergone extensive peer-review to meet Cochrane standards. We gratefully acknowledge the peer-reviewers who have provided their expertise during this process – especially the doctors, nurses, consumers, allied-health professionals, statisticians, methodologists, and policymakers.

The following people have contributed to our peer-review process in 2020 and 2021:

Ram Bajpai
Laura Bonnett
Fran Boyle
Fatima Cardoso
Mike Clarke
Bonner Cutting
Anneke Damen
Rachel Dear
Peggy Devine
Gian Luca di Tanna
Sam Egger
Elisabeth Elder
Cecilia Fabrizio
Sandy Finestone
Alessandra Gennari
Annabel Goodwin
Philippa Hobbs
Sarah Hodgkinson
Nehmat Houssami
Mustafa Khasraw
Matteo Lambertini
Joselyn Lippey
Bruce Mann
Caterina Marchiò
Gillian Mead
Theresa Moore
Terry Neeman
Nami Nelson
Kirsten Nyrop
Brent O'Carrigan
Dianne O'Connell
Kerry Patford
Kelly-Anne Phillips

Francesca Poggio
Richard Riley
Nicola Rocco
Matthew Rucklidge
Christobel Saunders
Rebecca Seago-Coyle
Guido Schwarzer
Patsy Soon
Dana Stewart
Janette Vardy
Linda Vincent
Sandy Walsh
Sara Whiting
Nicholas Wilcken
Sara Yaron
Leonie Young

We also wish to acknowledge the peer-reviewers who prefer to remain anonymous.