'Cochrane Corners' - opportunities to publish breast cancer review summaries in Nursing Care Journals

The Cochrane Nursing Care Field (CNCF) aims to "improve health outcomes through increasing the use of the Cochrane Library and supporting Cochrane's role by providing an evidence base for nurses and related healthcare professionals."

The CNCF develops 'Cochrane Corner' columns which are summaries of recent nursing care related Cochrane Review findings. These 'Cochrane Corner' columns are published in a variety of Nursing care-related journals.

The Cochrane Breast Cancer Group collaborates with the CNCF. In recent years, CNCF contributors have produced a number of 'Corner Corners' in breast cancer review topics. These have included summaries of Cochrane Reviews on Non-hormonal interventions for hot flushes in women with a history to breast cancer and Combination versus sequential single agent chemotherapy for metastatic breast cancer. 

If you are a nurse or allied health professional interested in translating one of our Cochrane Reviews findings into a summary, please contact Alex Mignone at the CNCF (email: Alex.Mignone@adelaide.edu.au).